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The following articles by Pastor Crossman were originally published in the monthly community newspaper, The Grand Lake Mirror.  Most are adapted from sermons preached at the church.

“You Can Depend on God” May 2006
“100%” March 2006
“Hope For Living” February 2006
“The Dying Thief” January 2006

“What Do You See?”
December 2005
“Help for Parents” September 2005
“Trust and Obey” July 2005
“Starting Over” March 2005
“The Pursuit of God” January 2005

“Why Be Thankful?” October 2004
“Me? Read the Bible?” August 2004
“A Friend Like No Other” July 2004
“Living Above Your Circumstances”
June 2004
“Relationships: Knowing Where to Start”
May 2004
“The Passion of Christ” April 2004
“7 Habits of Highly Effective Christians”
February 2004
“Forgiven and Forgiving”
January 2004

“Not Just for the Kids”
December 2003
“Making Time for What’s Important”
November 2003
“A Christian Response to Same Sex ‘Marriage'” September 2003
“Never Forget”
June 2003
“Beating Discouragement” May 2003
“Keys to Successful Marriage”
April 2003
“Appreciating Christmas”
December 2002
“Where Did I Come From…And What’s The Difference?” November 2002
“What Is Precious to You?” June 2002
“How To Be A Leader” May 2002
“The Saviour Understands”
April 2002
“The Key to God’s Blessing” March 2002
“Why Worry When You Can Pray?” February 2002
“Lasting Peace” January 2002
“The Greatest Miracle” December 2001